USD: Impeachment trial to begin today

The dollar remained mostly flat after a relatively quiet day yesterday, showing strength against both the pound and the euro. Donald Trump’s legal team has now issued its first formal response to the impeachment charges. The document issued said that the impeachment...

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GBP: Sterling awaits wage and unemployment data

Sterling was in a weaker position yesterday as comments from Chancellor Sajid Javid fuelled fears about weak ties between the UK and the EU. In an interview with the Financial Times over the weekend, Javid said that there would be no alignment with EU regulations once...

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UK Government moving fast (and breaking things?)

As we enter the last full week of the UK’s membership of the European Union, the Chancellor’s speech to the Financial Times at the weekend has made it clear that we are no longer being run by a broadly pro-Remain cabinet any more. Sajid Javid said the UK...

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