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Free guide: Top 5 currency tips for a successful overseas property purchase

Avoid losing money on your property purchase with the Smart Currency Exchange Guide to buying overseas property.

Buying a property overseas is a big decision and you need to plan your finances carefully. It’s important to ensure you avoid losing money on your international currency payments when relocating assets, purchasing property or moving abroad. Exchange rates fluctuate on a minute-by-minute basis and these fluctuations can dramatically affect the price of the overseas property you want to buy. If you act at the right time, you can secure that perfect home; if you disregard the effects of exchange rates, the price could change significantly, even taking it beyond your budget.

This simple guide provides our top tips and recommended steps you can take to effectively plan for your move overseas and avoid losing money. Read about Smart Currency Exchange clients who have successfully purchased property overseas and, in the course of doing so, saved time and money.

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Smart Currency Exchange is here to guide you through the money transfer process every step of the way:

  • We offer bespoke guidance on a range of options to avoid losses and save money on international transfers and payments. Your dedicated traders monitor the markets for you, so you know the best time to exchange.

  • Our traders are not remunerated on commission, meaning we can offer impartial currency exchange solutions.

  • We are dedicated to the overseas property industry. We partner with Rightmove Overseas, A Place in the Sun and The Overseas Guides Company.

  • We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and trusted to transfer over £2billion so far, by 32,000 customers.

  • Fast and efficient service - all transfers are sent out within 24 hours of us receiving the funds.

  • We do not charge transfer or renewal fees.*

  • * Individual transfers under £3,000 may be subject to a small transfer fee up to a maximum of £10. Amount will vary depending on destination currency.

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