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So, you’ve bought a property abroad and are settling into your new home in the sunshine! However, whilst you are over there, you may need to transfer or receive money from back home for a variety of reasons.

To keep up with these payments and to avoid losing money due to currency fluctuations, Smart Currency Exchange’s Regular Payment Plan (RPP) and Regular Payment Forward (RPF) can help.

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What overseas transactions could I need to make?

Here are some examples of the overseas transfers that you may need to make after buying a property or moving abroad:


  • An overseas mortgage
  • Homeowners association or urbanisation fees
  • Receiving or paying rent
  • Property taxes
  • Maintenance on an overseas home
  • Spending money – keep your overseas bank account topped up

Expats and retirees

  • School and university fees
  • Child support
  • Receiving an income from abroad, such as pension or investment earnings

Why use an RPP or an RPF?

If you are making regular international payments, an RRP or RPF allows you to manage them efficiently and automatically schedule transfers.

An RRP removes the hassle of making individual payments, monitoring the exchange rates and navigating the telephone system of your bank from abroad, which can all be very time-consuming. Using an RPP will also ensure that a payment isn’t missed – an easy thing to do when you’re attempting to juggle payments across borders.

You can also combine an RRP with a forward contract (A Regular Payment Forward), meaning that every transfer you make will be at a locked exchange rate for 12 months. Your scheduled payments will not be impacted by any currency fluctuations.

Equally, if you are receiving income from a different currency, such as a UK-based pension or investment income, an RRP will ensure that you never have to be concerned about the value of these payments due to fluctuating exchange rates.

Best of all, an RPP gives you peace of mind about your regular payments, making them stress-free and efficient. Knowing exactly how much you’re paying and receiving each month will mean that you can budget effectively and enjoy life in your new property.

How do I set up an RPP or RPF?

Simply give us a call on +44 (0)20 7898 0541 or fill in this short form.

We will set up your account with Smart, explain how an RPP works and discuss the regular payments you need to make and when. After this, we’ll set up a standing order for two business days prior to the dates you need to make the payments.

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