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"Helping you to save money and reduce risks
when making international payments"

"Smart Currency Will
SAVE you Money
and Reduce Risks
when Exchanging and Transferring Money Overseas...

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When you are buying your dream home, purchasing a property for investment, or sending money overseas for other reasons, you want to find the most cost-effective, safe and easy way to move your money from the UK to your overseas destination.

Let me introduce myself…my name is Charles Purdy and I've been working in the currency exchange business for over 15 years. In addition, I invest in overseas property and I know the importance of being Smart about overseas money transfers. It's very important to take the time to understand the benefits of using our specialist Foreign Currency Exchange and Transfer service.

The Benefits of Using Smart Currency Exchange

  • Saves you money.

  • Charges No Fees/No Commission/No Hidden Costs - GUARANTEED!

  • Eliminates bank receiving charges to your designated overseas account

  • Fast and easy money exchange - All transfers are sent out with 24 hours of receiving funds

  • Reduces the Risk of Your Property Price (or transfer value) from INCREASING due to adverse currency fluctuations. You can reserve money at today's rate and then purchase it later having peace of mind that your property price has stayed the same

  • Smart Currency is the UK's 1st and ONLY foreign currency exchange service that does not pay its traders on commission.

Here are a few testimonials we've received recently:

"Smart were very helpful and made the daunting task of sending money overseas very easy. When I was confused about account numbers for transfer their patience and assistance was much appreciated." Andrea Stocks, Huddersfield
"I was very nervous to begin with, but your staff put me so at ease and explained everything so well. The whole process left me feeling very confident. I will recommend you to my friends."J. Mankin, North Yorkshire

"I have dealt with other currency exchange companies but Smart go that extra mile; professional, efficient, helpful and pleasant service all make the transactions so easy. I would recommend them to anyone" Margaret Clark, Cumbria


HOW will Smart Currency Exchange Save YOU Money?

Rather than you having to accept an uncompetitive fixed rate from your bank or other financial institution, at Smart we call the currency trading floors directly to negotiate an excellent euro exchange, dollar exchange or any other currency exchange rate on your behalf. This alone can save you £ 000's.

You will also realise incredible savings and reduce the risk of adverse currency fluctuations by fixing a rate for your currency requirements today for a purchase in the future (up to 6 months).

This means that if your property costs £100,000 today you can ensure that your property cost stays at £100,000 rather than increasing to, say, £105,000 by next week or by next month due to the exchange rate moving against you.

By calling us, we can secure the rate for you so that you don't run the risk of increasing costs.

Additionally we can truly offer you the best rates on the market because, unlike other organisations such as banks, with large offices, huge sales forces, enormous marketing costs and many different industry specialists (other than property), we have low overheads.

Smart was created for overseas property buyers (like you) by overseas property buyers and specialises in currency exchange and transfers for this industry only. This allows me and my team to focus exclusively on servicing your particular needs and desires rather than trying to be a jack of all trades and charge for it too!

In order to provide you with a true service (low rates coupled with relevant overseas buying information and resources) we maintain standard offices, have currency specialists dedicated to the overseas property market only and use word-of-mouth and non-traditional (low-cost but high-impact) marketing.

Furthermore, we are the only currency exchange company that does NOT pay our currency specialists on commission - that means that the Smart specialist that you speak with is not motivated to get the best deal for their pocket rather than the best deal for you. This is how YOU will get a great SERVICE and exceptional SAVINGS!

Get the best rate and service now by filling out our better than bank rate quote form!


How Does Smart Charge NO Fees/NO Commission?

Or should I write, "How do we make our money if we're not charging any commission or fees?"

We make our money the same way the bank does - we buy currency in bulk and then sell it on with a small margin. Unlike banks that add 3-5% margin, we can usually stay below 1%. In the end, you save money, we get paid for our great service and the banks exploit one less person!

Get the best rate and service now by filling out our better than bank rate quote form!


HOW Does Smart Currency Exchange Make Money Exchange & Transfers FAST & EASY for YOU?

Once you call to get your free, no obligation Smart Client Account set up, exchanging and transferring money can be completed entirely from the comfort of your own home. The process is this quick and easy:

Call your dedicated Smart representative to discuss your euro exchange, dollar Exchange or any other currency requirement (CAN$, AUS$, etc) and onward transfer requirements (i.e. where the money needs to be sent).
Transfer money from your bank by using the 'Smart Bank Transfer Form,' that we supply you with, into the Smart Client Account; and
Receive confirmation that that the money has been exchanged and transferred out with in 24 hours or less.

In total, you simply have to make one phone call and fill out a quick form to forward to your bank…It couldn't be easier! To open a Smart Client Account or simply get more information, fill out our quote form and I'll give you a ring to discuss in further detail.

"An excellent service from all members of the Smart team - applied for an account on Monday - opened Tuesday - currency arrived in Greece on the Thursday. A very hard act to follow."
Susan Walton, Leeds


HOW Does Smart Currency Exchange Help YOU To Reduce The Risk of YOUR Property Price Increasing by £ 000's

Depending on your particular situation, you may want to consider the option of securing a currency exchange rate now - for a property purchase or staged payments in the future.

Doing so will allow you to set a budget knowing the exact exchange rate you'll be required to pay rather than having to watch the currency markets (and the cost of your property) increase.

Nothing is worse than the stress of knowing your property price is increasing. And since the rates change every 15 seconds, it's enough to make anyone's stomach turn!

I or your dedicated Smart Broker will offer you assistance with planning a strategy that's right for you, however to get a better understanding of why to use this option, consider how we helped Mr and Mrs Lee to save themselves £4,500:

"Mr & Mrs Lee were due to transfer £325,000 in the middle of the month. They identified a realistic rate of €1.47 to the £1 that they wanted to achieve. Two weeks prior to making the transfer, we called to notify them that the rate hit E1.47 and suggested that they reserve the money as soon as possible. Fortunately, Mr & Mrs Lee reserved the rate they desired. On the day of the transfer, had they not reserved the rate, it was 2 cents lower which equates to the Lee's saving a total of £4,500."

When calling me or my colleagues to discuss your particular requirements, we can offer you specialist information that will allow you to make smart decisions about your money.

We watch the different currencies strengthen and weaken day after day, thus we're in a position to give you an honest insight as to how the markets have been performing and what the economists predict the future will hold.

No one can foresee the future of any particular foreign currency exchange rate, however having the ability to discuss the facts about economic changes, world influences and currency trends with me or another Smart specialist will allow you to make an educated decision.

To make an educated decision and reduce your risk of paying more than you have to for your future property purchase fill out our quote form today!


Why should you care that Smart is focuses exclusively on exchange and transfers for overseas property buyers?

The Smart service is exclusively dedicated to YOU as an overseas property buyer.

By specialising in one industry only (the property industry), we're able to keep our overheads low (by avoiding the cost of other specialists) and we can benefit you by really understanding the overseas property buying process that you're going through.

Because our client base is 75% overseas buyers, we get to hear and share information about new opportunities, locations or developers. And although most calls we receive are from excited and enthusiastic buyers, we also receive tales of difficulties and places or developers to stay clear of (which we always pass on to our clients that might be affected)…

Moreover, we work hard to proactively understand new markets, up-coming hot spots, financial issues and the overall buying process for your benefit.

Every Smart employee is experienced in property investment and we all travel abroad to understand the opportunities and discover the difficulties so that we can understand YOUR Bigger Picture.

Buying an overseas property can be exciting however it can be full of several *unknowns*. In order to ensure that you know how to save money and to reduce your risks when dealing with currency exchange and transfer services, please fill out our quote form here.


How do You know your Money is SAFE with Smart?

Each week, we transfer millions of pounds for hundreds of our clients. It's all done highly effectively and efficiently through tried and tested processes and procedures. We focus on providing the best currency exchange rate, getting the payment to the destination account as quickly as possible and giving an outstanding service.

Using a new service can sometimes be a bit daunting…Fill out our quote form and I'll ring you to discuss all your options.


Charles Purdy

Currency Dollar
Charles Purdy - Smart Director

Direct Number: 0207 898 0541
Free Phone: 0808 163 0102
Fax: 0870 285 0365

P.S. If you've made the decision to buy overseas (even if you don't need to pay out money for the next several months), don't make the mistake many buyers make by waiting to the last minute to take care of their currency exchange...Call the Smart Team on 0808 163 0102 (free phone) so that we can discuss your exciting plans and explain your options on various money saving strategies.

P.P.S In some cases you'll save £ 000's if you reserve money today (at a fixed rate) for use in the future. Furthermore, as soon as we understand your *Big Picture*, we'll be able to assist you by offering relevant articles, reports and information that will enable you to make a success out of your property purchase. Call today - there is no risk or obligation in having a chat with us!

Smart Currency Exchange is Regulated by Customs and Excise (MLR 12198457)
Company number: 5282305

Client Feedback:

All around good service – easy to use and prompt transfer of funds at a good exchange rate.  Thank you

- R. Abbott, Swindon

Smart Currency are helpful & efficient, I have found that they have the best rates available. They are easy to deal with and plain talking.

- Kay & Karl Brown, Hartlepool

I was worried about security beforehand but very impressed with the speed and efficiency. Will be using you regularly. Cheers

- Gill Ciantas

EXCELLENT SERVICE, received the best rate in the market, money was sent on the same day and received by my son on the same day (Florida) Thank you.

- Jaswinder Sidhu

I found Smart Currency Exchanged to be fast, efficient and friendly service and would not hesitate to use them again. I wish I had found out about you sooner then I did.

- J Barry

The exchange rate offered was marginally better than the bank rate. Saving myself £30 on £3000 also forwarding costs saving me a further £20 = total saving £5000

- Mr Ian Bellamy
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