Refer a friend or business and get rewarded!

1. Refer a friend

2. We help them

3. Get rewards

If you know someone who needs to make an international transfer, let them know about us! We have an expert team on hand to help you transfer money quickly, easily and securely no matter the amount.

1. Refer a friend

2. We help them

3. Get rewards

£50 on your Smart account per person referred

£200 Amazon voucher per business referred

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Make a referral in 3 simple steps – it’s easy

Refer a friend

Enter the details of your friend or business and we’ll invite them to use our services

We help them

We will help to save them time and stress managing the risks of exchange rate changes

Receive your reward

Once we confirm their trade, you will earn up to £50 per person or £200 per business referred

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I refer?

You can refer anyone you know who regularly transfers money overseas. Perhaps they’ve been going through the rigmarole of manual transfers each month for their pension or bills? Maybe they’re caught in the sometimes-confusing process of paying for property in the South of France or the Algarve. Could they be paying an extortionate amount to send money overseas to help a student at a British university?

If you have someone in mind, we can help. They could be a friend, family member, partner, colleague or even a neighbour. If they mention transfer needs, make them aware of the services we offer. Smart can help save time and stress, while managing the risks of exchange rate fluctuations which may affect their transfers.

Word of mouth and referrals are the backbone of our business, so for every person or company that you refer to us, you will be rewarded.

Can I refer my own business?

You can! If you’re a business owner, you can refer yourself to our business team. When your company goes on to trade with them, we will reward you with a £200 Amazon voucher.

It’s easy to do. When referring your business, use the email address you used to register with Smart for your personal account and add your corporate email address in the ‘details of your referral’ section.

Are my referrals in safe hands?

Of course. We have a decade’s experience in foreign exchange, and we’ve helped thousands of individuals and businesses transfer over £5 billion to different countries and currencies. We’re authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 (FRN504509) for the provision of payment services.

We’re also rated #1 among rival currency businesses on Trustpilot. So, you can rest assured your referrals and their money is in safe hands.

To put your mind (and those whom you refer) at ease, please know that our Personal Traders are only ever a phone call away, should they have any queries.

What currency services do you offer?

Whether you’re looking to buy property abroad and need assistance or are juggling multiple overseas payments, we have services to suit you.

If you’re worried about fluctuating exchange rates, you may be suited to a Forward Contract. It allows you to lock-in today’s exchange rate for future purchases. They can help budget effectively got overseas transfers and property-related payments.

We offer Spot Contracts for those who need to make a quick payment in a cost-effective manner. These are especially useful to those about to make a one-off overseas purchase.

We offer pre-funded accounts, which means your converted funds are ready to draw on when you’re overseas. Many clients use this for a property viewing trip, ready to secure their dream home.

If you have regular bills or overseas payments, you can pass the baton over to Smart and benefit from our regular and automated payments service. Smart can automate these payments for you.

When will I receive my rewards?

If you’ve referred an individual to Smart, you’ll receive your reward as soon as they make a trade over £3,000.

If you’ve referred a business to Smart, you’ll receive your reward as soon as they make a trade with us.

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We are dedicated to helping customers with property-related currency needs and we are partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry.

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