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Whether you’re buying your dream property abroad, emigrating overseas or sending money to friends and family based overseas, Smart Currency Exchange can help.

When it comes to transferring money overseas, navigating the currency markets for the first time can be daunting. If you’re just used to grabbing a few euros at the airport, transferring a large sum to buy a property abroad may make you pause for thought.

And so it should: currencies fluctuate by the second, potentially changing the price of the home you have set your heart on too. If you are moving abroad but receiving an income from the pound or other currency, your income could be changing by the minute. Sometimes, but rarely, these movements can be anticipated. Others, more than people realise, come seemingly out of the blue.

Unless you take steps to protect yourself, you’ll never know what rate you will trade at until the time comes to transfer. You could be lucky and have these fluctuations work in your favour. Or, the rates might change by as little as one percent and that dream property could instantly shoot thousands of pounds out of budget.


Take control of your transfers

Smart Currency Exchange is here to help you take control and to manage every transfer sensibly and successfully. We’ve been in operation for more than a decade. In that time we’ve helped people to transfer more than £5 billion around the world.

We are experts in helping people to buy property. We’ve also guided people through emigrating, investments abroad and bringing funds back to the UK from overseas.

We’re proud to have been consistently voted the number one service for money transfer and currency exchange by the thousands of our users on Trustpilot.


Benefits of using Smart

  • Rated the #1 currency exchange provider in the UK on Trustpilot
  • Over 35 currencies available, to countries all over the world.
  • Expert currency specialists with over 13 years’ experience.
  • Regular updates on currency markets and exchange rates.
  • Safe, secure and authorised by the FCA.

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