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Sleepless nights over the effects of Brexit are now a thing of the past for the Baker family, who with the help of Smart Currency Exchange are moving to France and taking their family business with them!

Paul Baker and his parents, Richard and Heather, have recently sold up in the UK and bought a home each in Normandy, so by the end of June 2018 they will be enjoying their new life in France. To buy euros and transfer the required funds for the two property transactions they used Smart Currency Exchange, who are also helping them with currency solutions for their business.

Smart Currency Exchange are also helping them with currency solutions for their business.

“We’re Brexiting!” said Paul. “We run a fire fighting solutions company and do a lot of business in Europe. We’ve had enough of the uncertainty of Brexit and the effect it is having on the exchange rate, which often costs us money. Last year we began thinking about how being based in France, where we have good potential to grow, could benefit both our lifestyle and work. After a holiday there towards the end of the year, Dad decided for definite it was time to relocate!”

To get the ball rolling, in November 2017 Paul and Richard visited the Your Overseas Home show in Epsom, where they made useful contacts and were able to research the French buying process and property market. They also attended the free seminar.


Paul and Richard Baker


“We chatted to the French estate agent there, who was really helpful,” continued Paul. “And we established a relationship with Smart Currency Exchange. “Having them on board during our relocation has been the best thing ever and of course, we will continue to use them for business purposes.”

Next came viewing trips to France in January 2018, when they found two suitable properties in Lower Normandy, just 10 minutes apart near Hauteville-la-Guichard. They made successful offers on each – agreeing €114,000 for Paul’s and €200,000 for Richard and Heather’s. Meanwhile, before moving to France they were able to sell their UK homes.

Having them on board during our relocation has been the best thing ever.

“I sold my three-bedroom bungalow for £270,000,” said Paul. “And Mum and Dad managed to sell their three-bedroom detached home with two acres. They have actually upsized in France, as their new home is a six-bedroom rural house with outbuildings, a gîte and six hectares! My new home is a four-bedroom farmhouse with a large garden including an orchard, which came furnished and with a ride-on mower. When it came to the moving part, we got a great deal from the removals firm referred to us by Your Overseas Home – and it’s been no problem for them moving my tractor to France!”

As well as Smart Currency Exchange, when it came to setting up their business in France, the Bakers received welcome assistance from Normandy’s Development Agency (AD Normandie), part of the regional council.

“They have been campaigning to attract UK businesses to Normandy before Brexit,” added Paul. “We saw one of their adverts on the Underground – before it was banned by Transport for London! They have some excellent incentives for British businesses relocating or setting up in the region, including financial ones. For example, they covered our accountancy and legal fees for establishing our business.”

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