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We are the Smart Currency Group, an award-winning, privately owned foreign exchange specialist. We help private individuals and businesses manage the risk of their currency exposure through tailored solutions and personalised customer service. Check out your Traders Bio's

Some of the Team:

We are a team of friendly people, keen on keeping well and encouraging well being as well as the odd charity bake sale.

In Aug 2019, our very own active cyclists; David and Dean, rode London Prudential for our Partner Charity,  Solidarity Sports. Together with the Team’s help, they organised a Classic rounders game, and raised 140% of their target.

Christmas 2019 was one for the diary, with a massive turn out the teams had a chance to take their currency exchange hats off for the evening and don paper Christmas cracker hats!

Our Senior Traders

Martin George, Senior Trader

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Martin George

I’ve been at Smart managing currency risk of any shape, size and sensibly since 2012, apart from a brief spell where I nearly moved to Italy! I now live vicariously through others helping you to achieve your dreams. Having helped over a thousand property buyers in Spain and other countries, I know the process, and pitfalls(!), so well!

Ps: I’m a real nerd for politics and markets so don’t let me talk for too long.

Jack Wiggs, Senior Trader

Jack Wiggs, Senior Trader

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Jack Wiggs

I have worked at Smart for almost 3 years having worked through the business after graduating from University of Surrey. I am very sport orientated and will watch almost any sport! I’m a big fan of watching live sport and have been to Anthony Joshua vs Klitschko at wembley and the Oval to watch the cricket last summer!

Excitingly, I have just started saving for my first house this year and my aim is to have found a place before next Christmas – I know, very optimistic!

James Wagstaff, Senior Trader

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James Wagstaff

Hi there! I studied Biomedical Science at Nottingham Trent University but have found my niche at Smart Currency Exchange. I have worked at Smart for almost 4 years now (and as cheesy as it sounds, have loved every minute!)

I start on the sign-up team and worked my way up to trading, gaining plenty of experience helping clients buy abroad.
Fun fact: My weekends are often ruined by my beloved Nottingham Forest and Green Bay Packers.

Paul Whittington, Senior Trader

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Paul Whittington

I’ve worked at Smart Currency for almost 8 years, helping a huge number of clients buy their French home by managing their currency risk on transfers. My limited grasp of French is slowly improving with trips to visit our partner solicitors and estate agents in France.

I started out studying Pharmacology at Cardiff University and then a Masters in Finance at BPP. I enjoy all things sport – although these days as a spectator – and can often be found in the kitchen, having run a catering company in a previous life.

Meet our CEO’s and Director

You might think that after managing our clients’ foreign exchange risk on £10 billion worth of transactions, opening three new offices abroad and growing ‘Team Smart’ to almost 100 people, we’d be resting on our laurels, but we’re not. As our CEO, Charles, says, “The next ten years will only be more exciting than the last!”

“The next ten years will only be more exciting than the last!”
Charles Purdy, CEO

Charles Purdy

Founder & CEO

Carl Hasty

Deputy CEO

Jana Harris

Director of Growth

More about me

Charles Purdy has a background in engineering, and has worked on the initial design team for the Typhoon and Tornado fighters. However, he quickly found his calling in finance, and put his skills for methodical thinking to use in the world of business.

Trained as a Chartered Accountant, Charles has immersed himself in the finance industry, starting out at PwC. A later role as Chief Financial Officer of a diamond-mining company operating in Namibia revealed to him how crucial currency strategies are to a business’s bottom line. He delved further into the currency exchange industry in the 1990s, as part of a team that commenced operations in Eastern Europe, with the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

With globalisation booming, Charles could see the growing importance for companies to mitigate risk on their international payments. This increasingly mobilised world also created a new wave of entrepreneurship not previously accessible, and Charles heeded the call.

As the founder of the Smart Currency Group, Charles uses his knowledge and experience of international business to help thousands of companies reduce their risk and improve the efficiency of their overseas trade. He is a firm believer that businesses require useful and relevant information, and champions thought leadership within the sector.

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More about me

Having worked as a trader for the industry’s key players since 1999, Carl has repeatedly seen the detrimental effects of currency market fluctuations on businesses. Over 20 years of experience in the sector has taught him that companies are often unaware of the value of having a foreign currency risk management strategy.

As the Director and Co-founder of Smart Currency Business, he is passionate about educating businesses to avoid pitfalls so that they can protect their profits from adverse currency fluctuations, and thrive.

Renowned for speaking his mind, Carl is a vocal critic of the inefficient currency services provided by high street banks, and believes that first-rate customer service is the key to growth for any business.

Carl regularly delivers seminars on the importance of currency exchange risk management, and provides commentary on a range of business-related topics, including currency strategy, international trade and business growth.

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More about me

I enjoy seeing companies, departments and people going through growth which is often perceived as organic, however behind every organic growth is a deliberate set of mini strategies, plans and activities and that’s where I like to operate in and assist with. My professional and academic experience covers: joint ventures acquisition, strategic alliances and partnerships, key account management, sales and business development, team leading and coaching, people management; negotiation; internal selling and influencing; project management, organisational culture, organisational behaviour, corporate strategy, business strategy.

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Delighting our customers

We are ranked #1 on Trustpilot for ‘Money Transfer’, with over a thousand five-star reviews.

“It would be difficult to find a company which boasts a higher percentage of satisfied clients than Smart Currency Exchange”.
Money Transfer Companion

This is a direct result of the hard work of all of our staff who put our customers first in every interaction and understand that everyone is a representative of Smart. We are strong believers that ‘we are our people’ and constantly work to improve our customer experience.

An extremely impressive 80% of our Trustpilot reviews in the past year mention staff members by name – a glowing testimony to the service they provide.

Smart’s little book of reviews

Over 1,000 satisfied clients have taken the time to write about our service on the review site Trustpilot. They do so withoutpayment or favour of any kind, simply to tell other people about a great service that they have appreciated.

Download our little book of reviews and have a look for yourself!  If you’re looking for a reliable currency specialist, think Smart.

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