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An Order to Buy allows you to target an exact exchange rate that could be hit in the future. If the exchange rate is hit, we automatically book in your transfer at that rate. This is useful tool to protect your money against market volatility.
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If you want to target a specific rate or if we anticipate large movements in the currency markets, then an Order to Buy can be a good way to protect your budget.

Many of our customers use this tool, which can be especially useful in uncertain times such as these.


What is an Order to Buy?

An Order to Buy, also known as a Market Order, is a tool where you work together with your trader to set an exact exchange rate. If that exchange rate is hit, we automatically book in your transfer at that rate.

We monitor the rates for you, so you can relax without the rush to contact us. If the rate isn’t hit, nothing will be booked.

The minimum transfer value for an Order to Buy is £10,000 (or equivalent).


Example Scenario –Take advantage when exchange rates rise with an Order to Buy:

The GBP/EUR exchange rate rises from 1.11 to 1.15, but only remains there for a very short period of time before dropping back down to 1.11. However, you have discussed your budget with your Smart trader and set a desired exchange rate of 1.14 with a Market Order.

We book your transfer when the rate hits 1.14, meaning you receive extra euros for the same amount of pounds.

To find out more about how an Order to Buy works and why it could be a great option for you, contact us today using the form below.

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