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If you know someone who needs to transfer money during this unpredictable time, let them know about us. We have an expert team on hand to help you transfer money quickly, easily and securely no matter the amount.
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Do you know anyone who needs to transfer money overseas? Perhaps they have been going through the rigmarole of transferring their regular payments manually each month via their bank for something like bills or a pension. Or maybe they are caught in the process of paying for a property in the South of France, the Algarve or any of the many countries where we can help you buy property? Could they be paying way over the odds to send money for school fees or to help a student at a British university?

Whether that person is a friend, a family member, partner, colleague or even a neighbour, if they mention transfer needs, make sure they’re aware of the service we offer. Smart will help to save them time and stress, and manage the risks of exchange rate changes affecting their transfers.

Word of mouth is a huge part of our business, so for every person you recommend who goes on to make a transfer with us, you will earn rewards.

Referring your own business to us

By the way, if you have a business, you can also refer yourself to our business division! When your company goes on to trade with them, we will reward you with a £200 Amazon voucher.

How to Refer: When referring your business, use the email address you used to register with Smart for your personal requirements in the, ‘your email address’ field, and a different one (e.g. your corporate email address) in the ‘details of your referral’ section.

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Tell your friends and family about Smart Currency, and if they have a business, we can help them too! It’s simple to do, and you can earn great rewards if they go on to use our services.

rated the #1 currency exchange provider

We are one of the top rated currency exchange providers in the UK on Trustpilot.


We offer transfers in over 35 currencies, to countries all over the world.


Over 18 years' expertise and a dedicated, expert team on hand to help you.

Your friends and loved ones are in safe hands

Over our decade in the business we have helped thousands of people to successfully transfer over £5 billion to different countries and currencies. We’re authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 (FRN 504509) for the provision of payment services and we’re the #1 rated currency company on Trustpilot. Anyone that you refer to us will be in safe hands.

Don’t keep the perks of Smart Currency Exchange to yourself. If you know someone who is about to buy a home overseas or needs to transfer money, or someone who is worried about how much exchange rates are moving, let them know that we can help them. With one of our Forward Contracts, we can help them to budget effectively for their transfers and for all property-related payments for the next 12 months.

If someone you know is about to make a one-off overseas purchase, make sure they’re aware we can help them to budget effectively and manage their currency risk. Our Spot Contracts exist to help those who need to make quick payments do so in a cost-effective manner.

If you often listen to a loved one bemoan the nuisance of juggling multiple overseas payments, help them out by letting them know about our Regular Payment Plans. We can schedule their payments and lock in rates for up to a year, removing the hassle, the legwork and the effect of exchange rate movements.

Refer businesses too!

Our referral scheme works for individuals and businesses. We know that people refer our services because they have received the very best of service and they know the person they have referred will receive the same. It’s nice to help people and it helps to be nice as well. So for every person, or business you recommend who go on to trade, you will earn vouchers as a thank you from us.

Making a referral is easy, simply fill in our short form with their details. Remember, you get rewards for every referral you make!

Rated Excellent for Currency Exchange & Money Transfers

***** Trustpilot

I have recommended Smart’s services to my neighbours and friends when they have needed to send money abroad I will continue to use their services regularly.

Claudia Middleton

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