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We can help you transfer money all over the world. We don’t just help with holiday homes and retirement in the sun. If you find an investment deal in the Middle East, want to buy a wine estate in South Africa or one of your family has got into Harvard, we can help with that too.
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Over more than a decade in the money transfer industry, we have helped people to transfer more than £10 billion to a variety of countries and currencies all around the world. We work with our clients to ensure their transfer needs are met, that they avoid risk, and that their payments are made safely and securely.

We are able to transfer your money to most countries all over the world. You can take a look at the currencies we are able to transfer your funds in to here.

When Smart Currency Exchange began helping clients, most of us our clients stuck to the same few countries – France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the US.

As our clients got more adventurous, buying in Cape Verde, Morocco, Bulgaria, Thailand, Dubai and many more, Smart were there to ensure that their currency transactions were never a problem.

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We can help you transfer money all over the world, in over 35 currencies. We’ll work with you to help you avoid the risks of currencies moving against you and help you maintain control of your payments.

Popular countries to transfer money to

Despite the growing diversity of our transfers, the major locations we transfer money to remain the same – the Eurozone, the US and the UK. Below we outline the ways that we facilitate transfers in and out of these countries. Should you have any questions at all about moving your money, or want to check whether we service the country or currency you’re after, call your trader. They are here to help.


If you’ve emigrated and transferred your life savings to another country, you may still have payment needs back in the UK. Perhaps you are even returning to the UK for good. We can help you to repatriate money and to make payments to a UK account from overseas. You might be covering a UK mortgage, paying utility bills, paying a loved one’s tuition fees, or perhaps you are finally buying that investment property on the Kent coast that you always intended to! Whatever your reason for sending funds back to the UK, we can ensure efficient transfers from over 35 currencies.


We can help you to make efficient transfers to anywhere within the Eurozone either immediately, or within just a couple of days. Many of our clients buy property, sometimes in more than one European destination. We help them to secure one-off purchases, to lock in the price of their properties and to manage their regular payments so that they can budget for the year ahead. To further cater to the needs of our hundreds of clients in Spain and Portugal, we have established overseas offices on the Costa Blanca, the Costa del Sol and in Vilamoura in Portugal.

Similar to the US dollar, we have traded the euro for over ten years, and in that time seen it north of €1.50/£1 and then very close to parity. We are experts in managing the risk.

United States

The US dollar is the most widely traded currency in the world. It is accepted for commerce in Canada and Mexico and many other countries, especially in Central and South America, Africa and the Caribbean. It is “pegged” to many currencies in the Middle East and Caribbean too, so movements of the pound against the US dollar will be the same in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Hong Kong, the Bahamas and Barbados, among many others. Having spent over a decade trading US dollars, with highs of over $2/£1 and lows not far off parity, we understand the need to budget properly and manage risk.

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