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The services we offer at Smart Currency Exchange are designed to meet all of your currency needs. Our expertise and range of products will help you to avoid the risks and frustrations that can happen with currency exchanges if you are not prepared. Enquire Now

We offer personal service and risk management. Your trader will help you with your risk management and help you protect your budget from movements in exchange rates. We help ensure that you will know exactly how much you have to spend on a home overseas, and how much your regular payments will be if you are receiving an income from another currency.

That service also includes ensuring that there is never a delay in the transfer of your funds. If there is ever a problem, our traders are at the end of a telephone, not hiding behind an app or a website. We have gained a five-star rating on Trustpilot from our clients for our quality of service.

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Speak to a currency expert today. They’ll work with you to work out how best to utilise our range of bespoke products and services specifically for your needs.

Making use of our services

No matter the size, reason or regularity of your international payments, Smart Currency Exchange will help you to protect your budget and avoid risk. Currency transfers can be a complex business, but we will make things simple for you.

That starts with the registration process. You’ll be set up in minutes with your own dedicated currency trader, available every working day. They will steer you efficiently through the process with minimal fuss, clearly explaining all of your options at every step.

We offer the following services to ensure that the needs and expectations of all of our clients are met:

Spot Contracts

If you need to pay a deposit for an overseas property, take care of legal fees, make a one-off payment, or repatriate money back to the UK, a Spot Contract could work best for you. Your Smart Currency Exchange trader will secure you the best exchange rate possible on the day and organise the transfer to arrive when you need it.

Forward Contracts

A Forward Contract allows you to lock in an exchange rate for up to a year. This means that no matter what the currency markets are up to when the time comes to make the transfer, you will be able to trade your currency at this secured rate.

There are no nasty surprises with a Forward Contract. You will know the exact amount that will come out of your bank account, which makes them an ideal tool for those on a budget, i.e. all of us. Forward Contracts are also perfect for those buying property where the completion date is weeks or months away.

Regular payments

If you will be making regular transfers between countries, a Regular Payments Plan (RPP) makes them as simple as possible, and could allow you to set an exchange rate with a Forward Contract.

An RPP works well in many scenarios. If you are living abroad but receiving pension or investment payments from the UK; or you are paying a mortgage overseas, it will ensure your payments remain regular and stable, if you select the Forward Contract option.

Smart Currency Exchange can lock in an exchange rate for a year so you will receive exactly the same amount into your account every month, allowing you to budget efficiently.

Setting up a regular payment plan is a simple. First you agree with your trader your preferred choice. Then you set up a standing order for the fixed amount to come from your UK bank account to Smart Currency Exchange on an agreed date each month. On receipt of the cleared funds by us, the funds are transferred to the payee immediately.

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***** Trustpilot

I cannot speak highly enough of the professional and friendly service we received from Smart Currency Exchange during our house purchase in Spain. At all times we were kept fully informed by our account manager and the whole process was streamlined, simple and efficient. Highly recommended.

Stephen Valley

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