Reasons For Sending Money Overseas

Whatever your reason for needing to transfer money overseas, you need to be sure that your money is in safe hands and that the process is as easy and cost effective as possible. Enquire Now

Transferring money overseas


For most of our new customers, this will be the first time they make a large currency exchange or a big purchase overseas. It can be a daunting experience, especially with rates changing by the minute.

At Smart Currency Exchange we are there to help you. Over the course of a decade we have built our reputation and we are now rated 4.9 out of 5 on the independent reviews website Trustpilot, the most trusted British company in two categories: currency exchange and money transfers. We are based in London, from where we have exchanged more than £10 billion over the years, in over 35 currencies. We also have two offices in Spain.

We will take the time to understand what you need and help you step by step through the currency exchange process. Whether you are buying a property abroad or paying a mortgage, making ongoing payments for a renovation or a one-off payment to put a car in the garage, simple everyday expenses paid from UK investments, or even university fees for your kids. Whatever the reason you need to transfer, with Smart Currency Exchange you, and your money, are in safe hands.

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We can help keep things cost effective, easy and fast, whatever the reason for needing to transfer money.

What can we help you with?

There are five main reasons to make an international transfer that requires a currency exchange:

Buying or selling a property

We have specialised in helping overseas property buyers for ten years and have been chosen by the biggest names in global property, including Rightmove, to look after their clients’ money. Spending a large sum overseas has several critical aspects where our expertise and experience will ensure a smooth, safe purchase. With a forward contract, we can also protect you from the risk of a currency movement that carries your dream home beyond your budget.


We understand the stresses and worries of emigrating too. While we can’t make it easier to say goodbye to friends and family, we can make sure that money exchange isn’t a problem as you embark on this exciting, life-changing event. We will send your funds overseas quickly, reliably and at a competitive rate.

Regular payments

Once you’re living abroad, your currency requirements probably won’t stop. You might be receiving rental income from investments, shares or a pension. Maybe you’re sending money back to the UK from renting your overseas property out, or helping your kids with university fees. For any transaction where your expenditure is in a different currency to your income, Smart offers a great rate and service on regular payments.

One-off payments

When it comes to other major purchases abroad, Smart will help you with one-off payments. There are no fees on payments over £3,000, funds are usually received in less than 48 hours and there are usually no UK bank charges. With our team of currency experts at the end of the phone, you can chat through when might be the time to make that transfer.

Online payments

You might not always need to talk to a currency expert, so Smart Currency Exchange offers the speed and convenience of an online payments system. Our automated system offers the same competitive rates and allows you to take control.

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***** Trustpilot

The service I received was very professional and efficient. Smart made my property purchase in Spain a lot easier than expected and I will continue to use them for future transfers and advice.

Gerald Watts

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