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Market fluctuations mean that one minute a purchase or property could be well within your budget, the next, the markets switch and you could face disappointment. Use our free app to keep track of exchange rates.
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When you want to know instantly how much foreign currency your pounds (or any currency that you hold) will buy, the Smart app will tell you. If you want information on why the currency has moved, the app includes news and guidance. And when you want to call you trader to make a trade, just press the button.

If exchange rates begin heading the wrong way, you can call your trader and run through further options, such as setting a Forward Contract to protect you from further weakening of your currency.

The Smart Currency Exchange mobile app is a simple way to check interbank exchange rates wherever you are, at whatever time, so that you never have to miss out on a favourable rate. It is the currency converter in your pocket, a free-to-download, easy-to-use mobile application that enables you to follow how the markets are moving.

Just enter a value of your chosen currency and it will offer dozens of other currencies to convert it into. The “rate alarm” function allows you to enter an exchange rate at which you might want to make a trade. The app will send you a message if and when the exchange rate hits that. Then you can call your trader to make a transfer, wherever you are.

So far it is only available for iPhone and iPad but our Android version is under development. You can download the app and start using it right away. Download the app here.

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