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  • GBP/EUR predictions show a range of 15%, but is the mood bullish or bearish?
  • Focus on the Bank of England, European Central Bank and Federal Reserve – will they take action to combat rising inflation?
  • How will Brexit and the German elections impact currencies?
  • Key charts and insights from our currency analysts.

A property abroad will be one of the most exciting purchases of your life – but it can carry an inherent risk. The currency markets are constantly moving, so, between putting in an offer and actually paying, the price can easily change. With economic disruption from coronavirus, vaccine rollouts underway and uncertainty over infection rates, the markets are extremely volatile.

However, this is easy to control. By knowing what impacts the markets, and understanding how the change is made, you’re in a position to make a decision on how to completely safely send your money, whether that’s a forward contract or a regular payment plan.

So, download your free forecast today to find out what will affect the pound in this quarter, and to understand the risk of currency markets – and how to completely safeguard your money.

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