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If you are making payments every month or quarter, our automated Regular Payments Plan may be perfect for you. We can automate your payments to help you avoid the associated time, effort and costs of having to make lots of individual payments.
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If you’re making the same international transfers each month or quarter, a Regular Payments Plan (RPP) from Smart Currency Exchange is the most efficient way of organising them. It allows you to automate the transfer process, scheduling payments either at the exchange rate on the day or at an exchange rate you have locked in for a period of time.

Using a Regular Payments Plan saves the time, trouble and expense of making each transfer individually and manually. It takes away the risk of missing a payment. Even better, if the exchange rate is locked in with a Forward Contract, an RPP means that your payments will be the same every time. Then if the pound should weaken, your payments won’t be affected.

An RPP will be of particular value to homeowners who need to make regular payments such as for an overseas mortgage or local property taxes and maintenance, as well a non-property related costs such as school fees or child support. If you divide your time between homes in different countries, sending regular payments to an overseas account will save the cost and hassle of changing money each time you travel.

An RPP also makes good sense if you are receiving an income from a different currency too. For those receiving pension or investment income when abroad, an RPP allows you to automate the payments to reach you at a set exchange rate. That can be invaluable when you’re budgeting.


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For many of our clients, the most appealing part of a Regular Payment Plan is that it removes the hassle from your international transfers. There’s no need to constantly check exchange rates or negotiate the telephone system of your bank. One conversation is all it takes to manage all of your regular payments. All you need to do is set up a standing order for two business days prior to the dates you need to make the payments. Moving forwards, these payments will be made automatically on your behalf, on those dates for the time period outlined. With an RPP you don’t even need to call your trader at Smart, as your payments happen automatically.


Lock in an exchange rate for all of your payments

An RPP is particularly helpful when combined with a Forward Contract. The first step is to set up your account with Smart. This is free, there is no need to pay any money in at this stage, and it takes just a few minutes over the telephone. If you decide that a Forward Contract is right for you, you can lock in an exchange rate for your regular payments for up to 12 months. Now, no matter how the markets move, every regular payment you make in that period will be made at that set rate.

Just because you have an RPP set up, this doesn’t prevent you from making additional ad hoc payments at that day’s exchange rate, known as a Spot Contract.

To establish what service is best for you, or to set up your Regular Payments Plan, complete our short form to get in touch with one of our experts who can help find the best solution for your payment needs.

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Smart have been great and helped me with my property purchase in Spain and setting up regular payments to deal with all the bills! Great service, money always arrives/sends when you say it will with no delivery delays.

Roderic Dennis

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