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Emigration Guide

Moving overseas is an exciting, life-changing step.

It can also be expensive! You’ll need to transfer significant sums of money to your new country.

There are several risks associated with this, especially if you’re selling your home and buying one in your new country. There is the risk that you will pay over the odds for your many pre-emigration expenses. Just what you don’t need when starting afresh abroad!

Then there is the risk that you will make a major transfer at the wrong time, when your home currency is at its weakest, potentially costing you tens of thousands of pounds.

The good news is that this is easily controllable. Find out how to protect your money against exchange rate movements when you emigrate.

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Emigrating overseas can seem daunting – especially when you’re sending large sums of money to your new country.

But with just a bit of prior planning, you can let the process practically run itself. Find out how in the Currency Guide to Emigration.

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Smart Currency Exchange can offer you bespoke guidance and a range of services to help you avoid losses and save money on your transfers. You will be allocated your own personal account manager who will monitor the market for you and help you choose the best time to make your exchange. Our simple guide offers our top tips and recommended steps that you can take to effectively plan your purchase without losing money – alongside testimonials of people who have already successfully purchased property, saving time and money.

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