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Picture this: you’re casually browsing homes in Spain on your iPad and suddenly, you see it. The villa you didn’t know you needed, but now you have: it’s a NEED. It has a south-facing veranda and a pool – it’s love at first sight.

You’ve always planned to buy a place in Spain to retire to, but before now, it was just a long-lost dream that probably wouldn’t materialise.

You show your partner the property and they agree, it’s an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

You make a call to the estate agent and then it hits you – how do I pay for this wonderful Spanish home?

Well – here to make your life easier, should this ever happen to you – here are five reasons why you should establish yourself with a trusted currency specialist ahead of buying overseas.

5 reasons why you should use an FX specialist over your bank…


1. A personal account manager

A currency specialist can assign you a personal account manager who will be your single point of call for whatever currency concern, transaction or monetary need. They will monitor the market for you and offer guidance on how to best manage your budget. You don’t get that type of service at your bank. Plus, you’ll be put straight through to us via telephone – no not-so-funky hold music for hours on end!

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2. We are property specialists

Smart Currency has helped thousands of UK buyers find and safely purchase their dream homes overseas, therefore they are well acquainted with the potential pitfalls the currency market could throw your way (and they know how to mitigate those risks).


3. We’ll protect your budget

Instead of only focusing on the transaction aspect of your interaction, your Smart Currency trader can offer you guidance on the exchange market. They’ll know whether the rate is high or low for this time of year and can recommend the best way forward for you and your plans, whatever they might be.


4. We come highly recommended

When was the last time you heard someone raving about their bank? My guess is you can’t remember. That’s not the case with Smart Currency. We receive raving new reviews each week on Trustpilot, where we’re ranked Excellent. Take a look at our reviews today.


5. It’s safe and secure

Smart Currency Exchange is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and UK financial authorities, so you know your funds and data are in safe hands. And since we’re UK-based, there’s no language barrier.

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