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Currency exchange rates are affected by a number of things happening all over the world, from economic, political and law changes to scandals. We publish the latest news and articles to help keep you up to date and stay informed when making payments overseas.

Where will the pound be by Easter 2020?

The pound currently stands at around 3% above its average for 2019 against the euro. However, having been spoiled by its stratospheric but brief rise in the hours after the general election result, many of us may be hoping for more. Is that a realistic option? In our quarterly forecast we sift the evidence and examine what other leading financial institutions are predicting.

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These 7 factors will decide what you pay in 2020

The price of a property abroad will come down to many factors; its size, location and the view from the terrace, for example. Then there is the direction of interest rates, the US election and how Brexit trade talks go. Yes, all these with have a powerful effect on the price you pay, because they will change the value of the pounds you change into euro and dollars rates. Check out the main factors to look out for in 2020.

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Enjoy the rate while it lasts!

The pound has been bouncing up and down in early trading this week as the aftershocks of the General Election continue to be felt through the currency markets. On Thursday night we hit a three-year high against the euro within 5 minutes of the exit poll showing a decisive Conservative victory, and we continue to see volatility in the market.

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Reduce the uncertainty of moving exchange rates

Speak to a currency expert about how news and events happening all over the world can affect you. Our bespoke services are tailored to you to help avoid the risks associated with falling exchange rates.

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Taking the complexity out of currency

Currency exchange rates are among the most complicated parts of the financial world. Where exchange rates will go is impossible to predict, as they are buffeted by the world events and news of the economy, both at a global and local level.

Vast quantities of currency are traded by the financial institutions based on the smallest piece of economic data, or rumour of political events – 90% of the currency markets are speculative. At the end of all this might be you, about to make the biggest and most complicated purchase of your own life, a home abroad. You may be desperately hoping that rates won’t change, taking the property of your dreams out of your budget, even as vital decisions are taken far away that will do just that.

Smart Currency Exchange may not be able to tell fortunes, but we can help you protect your property purchase by budgeting effectively, managing risk and suggesting solutions. But we want you to stay informed too.

Our team of writers and traders will be digesting all the global and local news that might affect you, and creating content that you will (a) enjoy reading and (b) use to good effect.

News and events affect exchange rates

If you’re buying property abroad, you may be paying close attention to how your pounds are rising and falling in value as euros or dollars. You may also be keeping a close eye on current events and changes to the law that could affect your purchase, such as Brexit.

You may want to know why those changes are happening, or you might just want to know what could affect your money in the future. Either way, Smart covers the political, property and currency related news you need to know, giving both detailed analysis and readable, usable guidance, all free of charge.

Having been in operation for more than a decade and helped thousands of people to buy abroad, we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge that we are very happy to share.

You can read all about it, both on this website and in our Daily Market Updates. But we also write for other key organisations, including the global business news service Forbes, and the largest property website in the UK, Rightmove. Our expert opinion is frequently sought by national newspapers too.

Our news and advice covers all the major countries and the major currencies. Staying up to date will help you to minimise risks with your currency and protect your budget, so please keep coming back to this site, and you can also sign up to our mailing list.

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