Smart Currency Online - FAQs


Welcome to the Smart Currency Online FAQs 

Using your online account is an easy way to book and manage your transfers at the touch of a button. You can use your online account to book transfers at your convenience during extended online trading hours (daily between 6am-10pm UK time) and you can login to your account anytime to view or download your account balance and full transaction history.

If you need any more assistance using your online account contact our online help team on +44 20 8108 4006

1. How do I purchase currency using my online account?

Simply go to the ‘Book a Deal’ box on your account dashboard and follow the steps to let us know which currency you would like to purchase, the amount, and which currency you will be paying in. You will then be able to see the live exchange rate you can achieve (the exchange rate refreshes every 30 seconds in line with the live currency market). Click to confirm when you’re ready to purchase. You will then receive a confirmation message with a specific contract number relating to your purchase.

2. How do I add a beneficiary to my online account?

Simply go to the ‘Add a Beneficiary’ box on your account dashboard and follow the steps. You will be required to add all the beneficiary’s account details for onward transfer. A confirmation message will let you know when the beneficiary has been successfully added.

3. How do I pay for the currency I have purchased?

Once you have purchased funds we will send you an email (Contract Note) with all the required payment information for you to pay by bank transfer (this is the same payment process as contracts booked over the phone).

4. How can I see my account balance and transfer history?

Simply go to the ‘Account Balance’ box on your dashboard. You can also view an overview of all the transfers you have already made.

5. Are there any charges to use Smart Currency Online?

No, there are no charges to make transfers using your online account.

6. What exchange rate will I get?

The exchange rate you will receive will fluctuate in line with the live currency markets. You have 30 seconds to confirm your currency purchase at the exchange rate shown before it will be refreshed.

7. How do I transfer funds to a beneficiary?

To set up an onward transfer to a beneficiary, simply go to the ‘Deals’ tab on your account dashboard. In the ‘Contracts’ box you will be able to see a list of all your currency purchases ready to be transferred to a beneficiary. Choose the funds you want to transfer and select ‘Make a transfer’ to select the beneficiary. We will send you a confirmation email once the transfer has been booked and another once the transfer has been completed.

8. What currencies can I send?

Smart Currency Online allows you to transfer more than 35 different currencies including Sterling, Euro and US Dollar.

9. Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can transfer?

Your Smart Currency Online account allows you to transfer up to £15,000 in a single transaction – there is no minimum transfer amount.

For transfers over this size please call us on +44 20 8108 4006 to discuss with your account manager.

10. Can I buy currency at today's exchange rate to transfer in the future?

Yes. Once you have funds on your account you can choose the future date for these to be transferred onto your beneficiary. We are unable to hold funds on your account indefinitely. We ask that you set up your onward transfer within three months of purchasing the currency.